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FullTech Marketing Systems

Full Service Direct Marketing

Get New Postage Rates!.
High Quality Highly Selectable Databases

Occupent Data Available Online!

Speciality Data
We are specialists in those hard to find lists. In fact, we have a dedicated Specialty List Researcher whose job is devoted to locating these unusual lists. See our most frequent requests below:
Modeled Credit Scores
Actual Credit Scores
Ultra Affluent
Professionals at Home
Professionals at Work
Medical Lists
Magazine Subscribers
And much, much more...

Data Quality

There's a reason why we choose our data providers for many years: data quality. After testing all of the major Consumer Data compilers, we determined the best list available. The information is more accurate and there are less deceased and undeliverable records on the file. Even though we pay a premium compared to some of the other files available on the market, we feel that better data quality means better results. Better results mean more ROI from your mailing.

It just makes sense. Recently, we raised the bar, rolling out its new InfoBase-X Consumer file. We have added 30% more sources and boosted the coverage of individual elements significantly. With InfoBase-X Consumer file we have trounced the competition in terms of data integrity, marketable records and mailing ROI. We are proud to sell our data and we continue to stand 100% behind it.

Get Better Results for Your Mailings

We’d like to improve the results of your next mailing by 10% to 30%. This is not some pie in the sky promise. In fact, we’ve staked our business on it. We are growing fast for the simple reason that we are able to improve the results of mailing campaigns.

Since nearly two-thirds of the success of a mailing is attributed to the direct mail list, the surest way to improve response is by upgrading your mailing list. We provide more highly targeted and deliverable records, while removing those records least likely to respond. With better results, your customers will want to mail more often and in larger quantity than ever before.

How We Do It

1) Better data. We take great efforts in providing only the best data available. In fact, in a recent study, our Consumer Data compiler significantly beat competitors in marketable records, revenues generated and ROI. See excerpt below.

                              Ours   Experian  infoUSA  KnowledgeBase  
Gross Records         48,006    39,133   52,176             39,654  
Marketable Records  46,613    34,176   46,254             36,096  
% Marketable          97.10%   87.30%  88.60%            91.00%  
Duplicates                    41      2,064     2,752              1,216  
Deceased Records        133         676     1,877                758
 Study based on consumer list sample of geographically diverse area.  

2) Higher deliverability. You’ve heard the sayings before: “less is more”, “quality over quantity”, etc. We truly believe it is not about the number of records, but the results achieved for those records mailed. That’s why we only provide 9-digit zipped records. What’s more, 100% of our Occupant Data and 99.7% of our Consumer Data is ranked with a Delivery Point Validation score of 1, the highest level of validation! And our Business Data is coded with

DPV scores, so you can choose the quality for yourself.
DPV Accuracy Code Definition
DPV Score: 1 Street address is 100% accurate. Suite/Apt # is correct when included.
DPV Score: 2 Street address is 100% accurate. Suite/Apt # is wrong or unnecessary.
DPV Score: 3 Street address is 100% accurate. Required Suite/Apt # is missing.
* All above codes are considered DPV qualified by Postal Standards.

3) Reaching the most targeted prospects. Let’s face it, the more targeted the mailing list, the better the response. That’s why our Consumer Data comes automatically with fourteen free selects such as home value as well as age and gender of children. Spend a bit more, and have access to over one hundred selects based on actual buying behavior, household ailments or interests. We can even analyze a database of past responders and show you how to use our selects to target similar prospects.

4) Removing those least likely to respond. Features such as our radius by “drive-time” can make a big difference by removing those residents who are across a mountain, over a river, or just not “freeway close”. Unlike normal radius “by distance”, this feature allows you
to reach prospects who are all within a 10-minute drive or the 10,000 closest prospects by drive-time. Either way, you get rid of those records that are the least likely to respond.
You may be quite happy with your current list provider, but if you had the opportunity to improve your customers’ results, wouldn’t you want to? After all, better results mean happier customers and more mailings. Great data. Unmatched customer service. Just for brokers like yourself. Give our list a chance with your next direct mail campaign. You’ll be glad you did.