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What is Track N Trace?

Track N Trace is a service that uses United States Postal Service® OneCodeConfirm™ service to track automated First-Class®, Standard®, or Periodicals mailings by using Intelligent Mail® barcodes, so you can better measure mailing effectiveness and coordinate your marketing efforts.
After your mailing is dropped at a Postal facility, Track N Trace® collects step-by step delivery information from postal facilities on the pieces' delivery paths and maintains that data on our secure servers. Reports can be generated or downloaded at your convenience. Closely monitoring the progress of your mailings will help you gauge delivery effectiveness and predict future performance.

How will Track N Trace improve my mailings?

Track N Trace® can help you accurately measure your direct marketing efforts to achieve a number of benefits. By understanding in-home delivery trends for your mailing jobs, you can coordinate more effective timing for mailings as well as follow-up campaigns, telemarketing initiatives and other marketing efforts. You can also use the data to help resolve delivery discrepancies or other delivery issues with the U.S. Postal Service®.
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