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Time To Grow
You need to grow your business. Most companies are in the same position, but where do you start? Although there are endless options, let's analyze the top 3 methods by popularity:

· Cold Calling
· Direct Mail
· Marketing Seminars
· Cold Calling

This is the industry standard and, of course, the most it ranks #1. Companies make 100's of phone calls hoping that they will have an opportunity to recite their script to capture new business. For some that are gifted, this method can be productive. For most, it is the most painful and unproductive method of our top three.
Advantages: low cost or no cost to the firm, speak directly with prospects, may be productive for gifted advisors
Disadvantages: low return rates, may offend many prospects, advisors must deal with a great deal of negativity

You will notice that the first advantage is no cost to the firm. Can you understand why this may be a popular choice for many investment companies? Unfortunately, cold calling has been the reason the millions have left the financial services field without ever tasting high levels of success.

Direct Mail
As the DO NOT CALL lists grow, many advisors are turning to direct mail. Mailing pieces can be as simple as a postcard from a laser printer to the most beautiful full color brochures.

Advantages: ability to contact many prospects at once, efficient and low cost, may be used with targeted groups, low time investment

Disadvantages: most mailings are poorly designed, very easy to achieve no responses, cost per contact can be expensive in failed programs. This form of marketing can be great when its good and an absolute disaster when its done poorly. Many companies avoid direct mail projects as they see many failures and few successes.

Marketing Seminars
A popular technique of today's ultra successful advisors are to hold educational seminars that are really just marketing events for the company. With a popular subject they humor the crowd providing insight and some education while they bring down the barriers. This method allows the presentation to many people at one time, while providing a non-threatening environment where trust and confidence can be gained.

Advantages: ability to contact many advisors are once, extremely efficient with high returns, low time investment

Disadvantages: some advisors reluctant to speak in public, initial capital outline may be significant, difficult to find attendees

Seminars are the most productive method of the three for capturing new business. However, the difficulty lies in finding guests to attend the seminar. Most companies have little expertise in finding these attendees, thus many seminars have an embarrassingly low turn-out.

From the evaluation above, you can see why we have such a demand for our seminar system. It combines two of the three most productive tools for prospecting and performs like a professional. Let us handle the direct marketing and preparation for your next marketing seminar. You'll be able to focus on a great presentation while we'll fill up the room and make you look like an advisor in demand.